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The site came about because i was looking to build a special and had to trawl the web looking for info Then one of my bright spark mates thought It would be an idea if we put the images/tech help ect on the web I thought it would be a couple of projects some tech info we picked up along the way ect,

yea right However its were it is now due to me being a sad bastard and being of the road for a year loads of help and advise and info from the likes of SICKPUP (Who just rebuilt my engine,and is all knowing) and UK LEE, (tech stuff) jim and gary for helping me out numerouse times when i kept getting it wrong and part swapsIan for coffe and contacts Mat at think automotive steve for his sarcasm and ideas from numerous streetfighter builds and most recenty bill (dynomutt) who has talked me through the busa build pretty much from start to finish and explaining what does what and why on a turbo bike

Update on what ive been up to the gsxr fighter got sold for parts to finance the building of my hayabusa turbo fighter will be updating the site to include its build over the next few months and tons of other stuff ive accumilated and the site will be getting an update as ive not done much with it over the last year plan is make it easy to navigate all the best Spart

Our meeting place is the ace cafe in london say hello! s The future? buggered if i know still updating stuff and as far as i know only two of the projects are completed and people keep sending me shit So if you like the site leave a note on my email,if you have pics you want to send me be my guest,if you want to link to me my pleasure,let me know to repay the favour ,any tech stuff you think will be usefull to others email it over the author gets the credit..If you want to be critical go for it BUT MAKE IT CONSTRUCTIVE

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Hydrographic water transfer Printing Design and Custom Paintwork. Based in Feltham Middlesex.Ask for Scott
Cnc Milled & Turned parts General Fabrication-Cad Design-Rapid Prototyping Reverse Eng. Ask for Jim
image printing, design, decals, webdesign, gave them an idea and they improved on it great service- Ask for sam
Local businesses I have used for fabrication paint ect that have done work for me and I would recommend
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